• GeoHazard Advisors offers you innovative and pragmatic solutions in natural hazards, geotechnics, geophysics, geoinformatics, monitoring and measurement and testing.

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GeoHazard Advisors is formed by a team of senior engineers and geologists with innumerable experiences in the field of research, design and management of geotechnics and geological risks in the international area.


For all subsurface construction projects, geotechnical aspects are vital for the safety, cost-efficiency and durability of the structure.


The subsurface is often inaccessible to direct observation because that our geophysicists and engineers can explore the subsurface using indirect geophysical methods.


2D-3D modelizations are key to understanding the complexities of the earth's surface and presenting them in a way that is helpful to our customers understanding.

From reality to virtuality

Working with a wide range of modelization softwares. Georeferenced and attributed spatial data is digitally recorded, analysed, modelled and visualised using proper applications.

Quality policy

GeoHazard Advisors offers what costumer need

in an understanding way, under our standard quality criteria roof.

C/Anselm Clavé, 11LINYOLA (LLEIDA)

E: info@geo-hazardadvisors.com
E: tech@geo-hazardadvisors.com
P: +34 686 55 29 09
P: +34 682 41 93 32

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

Available 24h and 365D